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Hoarder-Cleanup Hoarder Clean UpJunk Studz: Southern California’s #1 Hoarder Cleanup Professionals.  Hoarding is a compulsive disorder involving having difficulty discarding items that would contain little or no value to most individuals. Clutter and junk begins to accumulate from Hoarders, eventually becoming a potential health risk and fire code violation.  Look no further than to Junk Studz for professional hoarder clean-up. Junk Studz understands that hoarding is an overbearing disorder that can take over control quickly.  Our staff works side by side with mental health professionals and public officials, collaborating to reverse hoarding disasters. Junk Studz will approach the hoarding situation with a formulated plan aiming at carefully removing all clutter and unnecessary items. Once the junk removal is complete, our staff will then clean and organize the entire unit, leaving our customers ultimately satisfied.

When choosing Junk Studz for a hoarder clean-up, we guarantee the following:

  • Lowest Prices, Guaranteed for Hoarder Clean-Ups: We guarantee to have the lowest prices and beat all quotes for hoarder clean-ups…it’s as simple as that! Since we have lower overhead than our competitors, we can pass these savings onto you!
  • Confidential & Compassionate Care for the Hoarder & Family Members: Unlike our competitors, Junk Studz was founded by a California licensed attorney. Due to this, our team members are well versed in the legal and moral implications of confidentiality. You can rest assured that the identity of the hoarder, his/her relatives and neighbors will remain completely confidential. We respect our clients privacy and will keep all information and pictures completely hidden from the public.  Upon request, we can also camouflage our dump trucks for complete anonymity during the hoarder clean-up.
  • Superlative Service: Our heavy-duty dump trucks allow us to haul faster than our box truck competitors. In turn, we can usually do a hoarder job in ½ the time of our competitors! Our teams are trained to clean, restore and deodorize the job upon completion and follow all applicable State and Federal guidelines. Lastly, we will do whatever it takes to make our customers 100% completely satisfied!
  • Treatment (Optional): Upon request, we can facilitate treatment between the hoarder and mental health professionals. In some cases, therapy may be warranted including variations of psychopharmacological and therapeutic intervention. Psychopharmacological intervention involves the scientific approach on how drugs impact mood, sensation, thinking and behavior. Obsessive-compulsive disorders (“OCD”) are treated with various antidepressants: Prozac, Paxil, Celexa. These drugs have been successful in controlling, but not curing OCD hoarding. Therapeutic intervention involves cognitive-behavioral therapy (“CBT”), which consists of exposure and response prevention to situations that cause anxiety and cognitive restructuring of beliefs related to hoarding.


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