About Us

About-Us About UsOur mission at Junk Studz Junk Removal and Hauling is to save the Earth, one piece of trash at a time. We set the standard in the United States for eco-friendly junk hauling practices.  Junk Studz focuses on providing exceptional, yet affordable trash and garbage removal services for both residential and commercial clientele.  We understand that garbage clean-up and trash removal can be an overwhelming and timely task, and this is where Junk Studz excels. Junk Studz is known for our staff working in a quick, efficient manner and hauling all that extra junk out of your way. During the process, we responsibly dispose of all items, whether it’s recycling to protect our environment, or donating to local charities. Simply put, our company offers fast, affordable and insured junk hauling to customers throughout Southern California.

Junk Studz ensures that whatever is requested of from our clientele, will be accomplished. Through our hard work and dedication, we are able to quickly get the job done, at a cost-friendly price.  Junk Studz strives to establish lifelong relationships with our clientele and will take all steps necessary to make our customer happy. To show our appreciation for our current clients, we offer them 5% off their next requested services. Choosing Junk Studz as your junk removal company will be a decision that you won’t regret; give us the opportunity to earn your business and call us now!  1(855) JUNK-STUDZ (586-5788)

We believe in …

  • Impressing our customers; we value our relationships
  • Company culture; we value positive work environments
  • Doing the right thing; we value leadership
  • Measuring activity; we value performance
  • We believe in other people’s opinions; we value honesty
  • Commitment; we value contribution
  • Innovation; we value continuous improvement
  • Identifying obstacles; we value solutions
  • Motivation; we value productivity
  • Systematic thinking; we value order
  • Protecting the planet; we value the environment
  • Feeling fulfilled; we value passion
  • Having fun; we value happiness


For Assistance, Call 1-855-586-5788