Junk Hauling

Hauling Junk HaulingJunk Hauling can be the most dreaded part when it comes to attempting to remove all of your junk and clutter personally; that’s why you need to hire Junk Studz as your junk hauling experts! We do all of the back-breaking labor throughout the junk removal and hauling process and use our equipment and high-quality “junk trucks” to haul out all of your junk. We believe in ultimate customer satisfaction and giving 110% customer service to all of our classy customers. You can trust our junk hauling experts to get the job done for the best pricing!


Nobody likes to get “dirty” unless, of course, you’re a Junk Studz crew member.  We’re not afraid of anything you can throw at us; it can be a rodent-infested old garage full of junk and trash that hasn’t been cleaned-out in years, a construction demo that has nails and and heavy material or your uncle Mike sleeping on your old couch out in your backyard…or in a van down by the river!











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