Junk Studz Junk Removal’s Pricing Tool

Reveal Junk Studz Junk Removal’s online price estimate by selecting the amount of junk you want hauled away. All prices include labor, tax, vehicle, gas, insurance, and dumping fees. In some instances, however, additional prices may be required for additional weight and labor. Our dump trucks beds are 30% LARGER (and CHEAPER) than the national, 1-800-JUNK franchise companies that hold only a measly 15 cubic yards. Our dump truck beds, on the other hand, measure 14′ long, 8′ wide and 5′ tall= 21 cubic yards. Prices shown are a rough estimate and include the $30 discount when booking online. Book online or call now to schedule a free estimate at 1-855-JUNK-STUDZ (586-5788).