Truck Volume and Bed Loads Explained


Truck-Measurements-1 Loads Explained

Normally Junk Studz charges based on volume loads (the space your trash takes up on our truck). Our truck can handle approximately 22 yards. 1 ton of junk / 2000 Pounds = 1 full truck load. * Extra labor costs may apply due to the type of job required. Final price will be quoted at the job site.


Truck-Measurements-1 Loads Explained

PLEASE NOTE: In some cases, special recycling surcharges imposed by local authorities may apply to certain items such as tires or refrigerators. Junk Studz uses BED LOAD rates for very dense materials such as concrete, or gravel. We can only load the truck to a depth of about 1 foot high, so we do not exceed the total GVW “Gross Vehicle Weight” of the truck.